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The ability to maintain and track all patterns and business changes that take place in today's fast-changing markets, up to date forecasts for all hotels and instant upload of Rates on the ever growing e-channels.

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Originally developed by for hotels in the 1970s, these analytics-based techniques help predict consumer behavior at the hotel's market level so that the hotel can sell each room each night at the optimum price.

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RevMutu Consultancy Services as name suggests a powerful revenue management consultancy firm, which along with his highly skilled team bring in a lot of value for any hotelier.

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Revenue management is basically getting & understanding relation between supply, demand, pricing. Read More....


Online Channel has turned into a main strategic channel for each hotel be it Leisure, Business or resort. Read More....


This audit is a 2 - Day onsite audit to highlight opportunities and gaps in your business. Read More....


We concentrate on building up the Revenue Management culture from the basics, Understanding the main business parameters. Read More....


No matter what business you are doing, having a different and unique kind of personality on the online space is very important. Read More....

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The most important metrics of the hospitality industry

  1. Focus on RevPAR, instead of ARR.

  2. Get the balance right between Occupancy and ARR.

  3. Now it's time to think about value add-ons.

  4. Online visibility combined with rational pricing will result in better conversion.

  5. Content management is the key to clicks.

  1. Analytics is the way forward, not instincts

  2. Don't just sell, sell it right

  3. Online Reputation Management - Your long term strategy

  4. Hotel photography plays 60% role on the decision to book

  5. Internet marketing is the core of your hotel marketing strategy

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